TRAVEL Insurance

Travel Insurance to protect you and your possessions while you're away

Travel insurance is often ignored by holidaymakers and business travellers. Unfortunately, when unforeseen circumstances cause hiccups in their trip, they don’t have any protection to fall back on. SAGIC, with its partners, offers travel insurance policies for UK residents, as well as travel cover to protect expatriates worldwide.

Travel insurance policies for UK residents are available on 3 levels: Budget, Silver and Gold. The exact benefits (and/or their cover limits) may vary, but generally this travel cover includes:

  • Cancellation and curtailment
  • Delayed departure
  • Hospital benefit
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal accident, including death and permanent disability
  • Personal liability
  • Legal expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Personal belongings, baggage and money
  • Passport and travel documents

You have a few options when it comes to buying Expatriate Travel insurance policies. You can have a core policy which covers medical treatment and emergency evacuation and then add enhanced benefits to the core policy, which includes personal accident and liability, money and documents, and legal expenses. Finally you can also add cancellation and curtailment protection.

You can choose between a range of travel insurance plans, including single trips, annual multi-trip cover, and niche travel policies for backpackers and winter sports.

Buy a travel insurance policy from SAGIC, and in addition to quality cover, you will also help The Salvation Army raise much needed funds as a percentage of each premium is donated to the organisation.

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Why Choose SAGIC Travel Insurance for UK Residents

In addition to standard cover, you can add optional extras if you need to fill any gaps in your travel insurance. Choose between:

  • Winter sports
  • Extra hazardous activities
  • Valuables extension
  • Travel disruption
  • Golf
  • Business
  • Cruise

Some more reasons to choose SAGIC travel insurance

  • No upper age limit – perfect for senior travellers
  • Single and multi-trip cover – perfect if you only go away once a year or if you travel often in any given year
  • Cover is available immediately
  • All medical conditions are considered
  • Up to 50 adventure activities included – perfect for the adventurous
  • Cover is available for UK citizens only

Expatriate Travel Insurance Benefits

Cover is available for non-UK citizens
Cover is available to people up to 70 years old
Single and annual multi-trip policies are available
Cover is available instantly
Choose between multiple premium currency options
Sports cover is included in policies as standard

Claims Procedures

Claims for UK Resident Travel Insurance Policies should be directed to InsureandGo.

Call: 0844 888 5027

Claims for Expatriate Travel Insurance Policies should be directed to Expatriate.

Call: +44 (0) 203 285 7246