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SAGIC has been providing insurance since 1909. Let us take care of your insurance needs too.

Insurance specifically designed to cover the unique needs of chuches, church-owned community centres, church-owned offices and training centres, and other places of worship.

SAGIC donates all profits from church insurance policies to The Salvation Army, allowing the organisation to provide shelter and food to people in need, including victims of human trafficking. SAGIC donations also allow community workers to spend more time assisting the most vulnerable people in society.

What do our church insurance policies cover?

You can also choose extra benefits to include in your policy

Summary of cover

Our Church insurance covers:

Buildings and Contents

Employers and Property Owner's Liabilities

Other Benefits

We also offer extra benefits:

SAGIC can also arrange cover for other risks with other specialist church insurers. Examples may include:

This policy comes with

calendarAsset 5

NO interest on monthly payments

amendmentAsset 17

NO amendment fees

creditAsset 7

NO credit card charges

postAsset 6

NO cost for postal confirmations

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We are more than an insurance company


We are 100% owned by
The Salvation Army


We give back to those in need


Our policies change the lives
of people every day

How to make a claim

In the event of the claim then please contact our office on

0300 030 1865

Opening hours are 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday.

Outside these hours there is a 24-hour Emergency Helpline available on the same number.
Or email

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