Churches together

Policy Assumptions

Please read below before continuing.

Please check the policy assumptions below carefully

The following assumptions have been made about the cover you require. If any of the assumptions are incorrect then please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the matter, as we should be able to accommodate you:

  • You do not hold an existing SAGIC policy for any of the covers for which you require a quotation.
  • Your Churches Together group is based in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
  • We assume your group:

  • Does not have any overseas assets, employees or volunteers
  • Holds regular management meetings of your Churches Together group
  • Holds up to six annual events with a maximum attendance of 250 people at each event. Events covered would include:
    1. An event at Easter (e.g., a church service, a Walk of Witness)
    2. Pentecost parade
    3. Participation in an event organised by another organisation (including a stall at a local fete or a float in a carnival, but excluding any motor risks)
    4. An event at Christmas (e.g. a carol service)
    5. Village fete
    6. Family picnic day

    You confirm that you or any director, partner, trustee or committee member in connection with any business or organisation, have not been:

  • convicted, or charged with but not yet tried for, a criminal offence (any convictions spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act can be ignored), other than motoring offences
  • the subject of any unsatisfied County Court Judgement, bankruptcy, insolvency or voluntary agreements, or been disqualified from holding a company directorship
  • the subject of a prosecution, or notice of intended prosecution, under any health and safety at work, consumer protection or environmental legislation or investigation in the last three years by the Charity Commission, Revenue & Customs or any other regulatory body.
  • the subject of any adverse publicity in the last 3 years, or anticipate being the subject of any adverse publicity in the next 12 months.
  • You confirm that you:

  • have not had any insurance contract cancelled or declared void, or renewal refused, or any special conditions imposed, due to breach of a policy condition, or due to non-disclosure or misrepresentation of a material fact, or due to claims or losses, or due to non-compliance with risk improvement requirements
  • are not aware of any circumstances that might give rise to a claim
  • have not had any claim(s) or loss(es) or incurred any liability, for any of the risks to be insured, within the last five years.
  • You confirm that you comply with all statutory regulations, including those related to health and safety, product safety and environmental issues.
  • For liability cover, you confirm that:
  • you do not undertake any hazardous activities, sports or pursuitsĀ (e.g. bungee jumping or any activities involving bungee ropes or cords; rock climbing; mountaineering or abseiling; obstacle courses; use of fireworks or any form of pyrotechnics.)
  • you always ensure that established codes of practice and safety are complied with for such activities or work
  • none of your activities involve any work on ships, offshore installations or at oil or gas refineries, chemical works or airports
  • any sub-contractor working for you must have in force their own liability insurance which provides cover for their sub-contract activities
  • there is no manual work undertaken away from your premises or any work abroad (other than clerical work while on a temporary visit abroad).
  • For liability cover, in respect of any activities involving young people (under 18 years) or vulnerable adults:
  • you comply with all statutory and other regulations imposed by any authority, and
  • your written protection policy is fully complied with at all times and is kept up to date.
  • For products liability cover, you confirm that:
  • no products have or will be incorporated into any aircraft, spacecraft, watercraft, mechanically propelled vehicles, gas, chemical, petrochemical or power generation plant
  • you do not sell or supply medical, surgical, dental, pharmaceutical or therapeutic products
  • No products are exported to the United States of America or Canada.

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