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Sudbury’s Elderly Enjoy Fun Activities Twice a Week Thanks to The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Sharing the Love

For 20 years, The Salvation Army in Sudbury has run an Elderly People’s Day Care service, where older people can take part in fun activities and enjoy companionship and support. There was a hiatus during the COVID lockdown period, but the doors are once again open and the elderly in local communities are warmly invited to sign up for the twice weekly service.

Activities take place in the mornings. These can be as varied as art classes and interaction with animals from a mobile petting zoo. There are chair-based exercise classes and what would a day care centre for the elderly be without Bingo?

The activities are tailored so that everyone can participate, even the frail and those with limited mobility.

20th anniversary celebrations

Twenty years of providing a safe place for senior citizens to take part in interesting activities and to simply gather to chat, is no mean feat. To celebrate, they borrowed from the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The centre held its own mini-Olympics in the morning and capped it off with a cream tea lunch, boasting delicious homemade sausage rolls and delectable homemade cakes.

This isn’t the first time that the centre has taken inspiration from a major sports event. Kathryn Pettitt, coordinator at Sudbury said that its golden oldies enjoyed their version of football during the Euros. 

“There is an endless repertoire of activities. For the Euros, we had a football session where everyone kicked around a sponge ball. Everyone who comes also has a hot lunch,” Kathryn said.

A personal invitation from an active member

Joyce has been going to the Elderly People’s Day Care service since 2016 and she heartily recommends that all of the isolated older people in Sudbury should join the group.

Joyce said, “Everyone is very friendly and great company. I do things like painting and knitting, and just talking to people.”

Joyce’s daughter Pam volunteers at the centre on Mondays and when she saw the difference it made to the elderly folks’ lives, she suggested that her mother join too.

Pam said, “It’s good for meeting people and making new friends. If she didn’t come to the day centre, she’d just be at home, alone except for when her carer comes in. During lockdown she was low, and now she’s happier, you can see just how much she gets out of it. They do a fantastic job and it’s lovely here. They provide support in a kind, caring environment.”

If you or a family member would like to come to the Elderly Day Care Centre, there are places available. Please call 01787 310187 for more information.