£1000 donation will change lives at Southampton Lifehouse

Written by: Posted on: 23 October 2018

Recruitment agency The Highfield Company has donated £1000 to the Salvation Army’s Booth Centre Lifehouse in Southampton. The funds will go toward the purchase of new gym equipment that is intended to restore fitness and health to residents who have experienced homelessness.

The Highfield Company representative, Tom Archer, has ties to the Lifehouse on Oxford Street, as one of his close friends received critical support and encouragement from the Lifehouse when he was going through a particularly difficult stage in his life. Another friend of Archer’s works at Booth Centre Lifehouse, playing an active role in helping residents rediscover their independence.

Archer said, “At the Highfield Company we care about our community and we are glad to be able to support The Salvation Army and the work it does to help people who have experienced homelessness in Southampton … During our visit to the Booth Centre Lifehouse, we met some of the centre’s residents, heard about the excellent work done by The Salvation Army to them rebuild their lives and had a tour of the centre’s facilities.”

Essential support

The Booth Centre Lifehouse has 43 rooms to provide shelter to people living rough who want to get off the streets and back to healthy, productive lives. Accommodation is available for men and women.

As much as the Lifehouse provides support to people who need it, it also requires support from the community so that it can continue to offer its essential services.

Tom Archer said, “We’re glad to be in a position to help support the life-changing work that is done at the Booth Centre and knowing that our donation will be used to buy gym equipment to help improve the health and wellbeing of its residents is very rewarding.”
Access to gym equipment is just one of the benefits residents experience at the Lifehouse. There is a café where residents gain work experience and a furniture business where residents learn carpentry and upholstery skills. All profits go back into the businesses. Knowledge-thirsty residents can also sign up for courses and earn qualifications that will stand them in good stead when they re-enter the employment market.

That the centre can continue to offer its services is partly thanks to community-minded companies like the Highfield Company. The Service Manager at the Booth Centre Lifehouse, Matthew Smith, said, “We’re … very grateful to the Highfield Company for this generous donation which we will put to good use by upgrading our gym equipment to help our residents to improve their physical and mental fitness and overall wellbeing.

“It was a pleasure to welcome Tom from the Highfield Company to the Booth Centre Lifehouse and introduce him to our residents, staff and the work we do here to support people from the Southampton area who have experienced homelessness.”


Image from The Salvation Army