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Archangels Come to the Aid of Cambridge’s Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a guardian angel to hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. This time round the church and charity has its own angel looking out for it as it redevelops its church and support facilities in Cambridge. Archangel Architects has taken on the project, updating, redeveloping, and transforming the buildings that have helped The Salvation Army to serve the local community since 1885.

Community interests at heart

The new facilities have been designed to make The Salvation Army’s services more accessible to the wider community. For example, a lift has been added so that disabled people can get to the first floor where many of the activities take place. 

The first floor also has the additional space needed to provide a more comprehensive range of activities for the community’s children and youth groups. 

In fact, the modern facilities will appeal to other community groups which may previously have felt excluded.

This all helps achieve The Salvation Army’s mission to provide more integrated and holistic support services to the Cambridge community. 

Part of this is the creation of an informal community hub where community members, especially those who feel lonely, isolated, or marginalised, can get together to enjoy good company over a leisurely cup of tea or coffee. 

Commenting on the redevelopment project, Majors Martin and Leanne Cordner said, “We’re very excited to think that these buildings will soon enable members of the wonderfully diverse Mill Road community, charity shop customers and church attendees to meet and share over a cuppa. Everybody will be welcome and everyone will be able to find a friend. That’s what true community is.”

All told, the project will cost around £2 million. The Cambridge branch of The Salvation Army will raise the bulk of the funds (£1.5 million). Central Salvation Army funds and fundraising appeals will raise the remaining £500,000.

If all things go according to plan, the project will be completed by the end of the year. Should you be in the vicinity, you can attend the official opening ceremony for the new church.

You can visit The Salvation Army’s website to find out how you can assist with fundraising.