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Celebs Band Together to Combat Homelessness

Famous singers and musicians have a history of banding together to raise awareness and funds for important social issues. A new initiative sees Peter Andre, Alexander O’Neil, Heather Small, Lee Ryan, and Natasha Hamilton, and others, recording a cover of the Hollies’ “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” to raise funds for The Salvation Army and other charitable organisations dedicated to eradicating homelessness.

It’s the brainchild of Jenny Roberts, who founded Homeless Worldwide, a non-profit organisation that provides shelter and support to people experiencing homelessness, especially veterans who struggle to reintegrate into society after serving their country.

In loving memory

Homelessness is a matter close to Roberts’ heart, having experienced rough sleeping herself, and having a brother who died homeless. Jenny has dedicated the single to her brother, Darren, and has committed all proceeds to various veteran and homelessness outreach charities across the country, including The Salvation Army.

Jenny chose The Salvation Army specifically because her uncle received invaluable support when his home was destroyed in the war. She’s always known of the good work the charity does to get rough sleepers off the streets, providing warmth, shelter, food, counselling, and job placement.

Music feeds the soul

Music was Darren’s passion. He often sang to Jenny when they were children, and he’d busk on the streets, entertaining passers-by.

Jenny said, “I wanted to dedicate this song to him and all the homeless who’ve died on your streets and who are still fighting homelessness. I want people to take a stand and unite together to help eradicate this as much as we can. I just can’t stand seeing people freezing in shop doorways being ignored, I feel the song is poignant, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,” and, “No burden is he to bear.”

It wasn’t easy coordinating her showbiz friends, but it was well worth it to spread a positive message and reduce the stigma surrounding people experiencing homelessness.

This single will be released on Friday the 15th of February