The Salvation Army’s War Cry Magazine Hits Record Sales to Help People in Need

Written by: Posted on: 6 January 2020

The Salvation Army’s War Cry magazine celebrated its 140th anniversary with record sales of £1.7 million, all of which is dedicated to the church’s campaigns, projects, and initiatives to help people in need.

With 140 years behind it, War Cry is one of the longest-running magazines in the UK. From humble beginnings in Whitechapel, it is now sold in 131 countries, bringing attention to important campaigns that might otherwise slip beneath the general public’s radar.

Volunteers drive sales

The weekly magazine is sold by volunteers, who have worked hard to establish regular, and attract new customers since the 27th of December 1879. They are helped by the content, which is often shocking and immediately grabs the attention of those who want to help but aren’t sure how. By purchasing the magazine, people have made a difference to the lives of those rescued from modern slavery, who live rough on the streets, and who have survived FGM in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and even in communities in the UK and Ireland.

Topical issues, including climate change, are also highlighted and hidden truths exposed.

Every bit counts

War Cry makes a difference on both a large-scale and a small-scale, as evidenced by Ann’s experience in Horsham this year. A young boy gave her a donation and said, “This is to say thank you to The Salvation Army for being Santa for my family last year when we didn’t have money for food or presents.”

The magazine also makes a difference to the lives of those who sell it. For example, after buying War Cry two years ago, Michael Atkinson from Preston was sufficiently inspired to join the church. He is now one of the most successful War Cry sellers, regularly raising £1000. One of the reasons behind his success is his ability to build a strong rapport with the community.

According to Michael, “People are so willing to give because they know that the money goes directly to do good. I’m privileged to uphold the tremendous place that The Salvation Army has in people’s hearts. I get all the praise for the hard work that goes on back at the corps (church), where right now there are people packing food parcels and putting together toys and gifts for families feeling the pinch this Christmas.”

From the editor’s desk

Giving thanks to those who buy the magazine, War Cry editor Major Andrew Stone said, “We are overwhelmingly grateful for the warm reaction and respect people continue to have for the War Cry today. It is an enormous privilege to tell the story of The Salvation Army delivering support to the most vulnerable people and to offer a Christian perspective on current events. Every day members of the public make a beeline for our street sellers to share what’s important in their lives, knowing they will receive a compassionate Christian response.”