Salvation Army’s Support for Midlothian Homeless Recognised

Written by: Posted on: 31 August 2018

The Salvation Army’s support programmes for those experiencing homelessness is well known throughout the UK. The latest to be recognised is a partnership with the Midlothian Council to relieve homelessness in the region.

The Salvation Army’s Pentland House and its sister service the Polton Centre in Lasswade has joined with the Midlothian Council to provide positive and supportive assistance for people experiencing homelessness.

Commenting on the launch, Midlothian MP Danielle Rowley said, “Pentland House is enabling people to access the necessary support to get their lives back on track. I’ve been really impressed with the partnership between The Salvation Army and Midlothian Council. I was impressed by the standard of accommodation available to people who are trying hard to make a fresh start. The staff are (sic) clearly committed to supporting residents.”

Programme at work

Pentland House and Polton Centre manager, Fi Grimmond, said that her highly-trained staff aims to provide those experiencing homelessness with a safe, welcoming, and empowering environment that gives people the tools they need to regain control of their lives and successfully live independently.

Support includes access to services such as housing, physical and mental health, and income. Furthermore, staff and service users have collaborated on programmes on nutrition, personal financial management, gardening, and cycling. Counselling and spiritual support are provided by a Salvation Army chaplain.

Commenting on the launch, Fi Grimmond said, “It was a pleasure to have Danielle here. She was interested in what the residents had to say and gave us some advice on how we can take issues forward that relate to things like universal credits. The support we give through Pentland House and the Polton Centre is designed to help people overcome homelessness and get back to independent living.”

Ms Rowley was given the grand tour by a resident named Robert. Robert said, “It was nice to meet the MP who really appreciates the work being done here to help people overcome homelessness. I’ve had plenty of experience of being homeless myself, so being somewhere like Pentland House with the excellent support available has helped me a lot.”



Image sourced from The Salvation Army