Strawberry Field Redevelopment Kicks Off

Written by: Posted on: 19 January 2018

Since November 2017, The Salvation Army has piqued public interest in its plans for the redevelopment of Strawberry Field. Now it’s a time for action as demolition and salvage is underway. Before work begins in earnest, however, The Salvation Army has thrown open the gates to give key stakeholders, supporters, and local people a peek into iconic history.

Speaking about the opportunity Drew McCombe, Divisional Leader for The Salvation Army, North West, said, “… It’s such an iconic site and we’re aware that very few people have ever been able to set foot beyond the red gates.”


A vision to change lives

Strawberry Field has played a role in many children’s lives by providing a home where they could be safe. As a child, John Lennon made a habit of jumping over the wall to enjoy the company of the children who lived there and to listen to The Salvation Army band. His famous Beatles’ song is a dedication to the site. And, in addition to bringing the site to the attention of the entire world, John Lennon personally donated several thousands of pounds to the home.

Unfortunately, the children’s home had to close doors in 2005, but now The Salvation Army intends to breathe new life into the site by building a new training hub for young people with learning disabilities. It will, naturally, feature a display highlighting John Lennon’s connection to the site. As a Salvation Army initiative, it will also, naturally, give people a chance to explore their spirituality.

McCombe said, “It’s part of our mission at The Salvation Army to be present where there is a need and, whilst the needs around Strawberry Field have changed over the years, we’re proud to still be part of this legacy. As a custodian of the site for the people of Liverpool and Beatles fans the world over, we want to transform Strawberry Field and re-open it for the good of young people in the North West who need support, and so that the wider community can, for the first time, access a site that belongs to them.”


To find out more about how to make Strawberry Field forever visit their website.