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Crewe Salvation Army’s Employment Plus Gives Hope to the Unemployed

The pandemic has left a swathe of financial wreckage in its wake, but with the restrictions now significantly eased people hope that life can get back to a semblance of normal. This is more challenging for some community members than others. Fortunately, The Salvation Army is there to lend a hand. Take The Salvation Army in Crewe, Cheshire, for example. It has launched a service called Employment Plus to help local residents find gainful employment.

An extension of existing support

Throughout the pandemic, Major Steven Watson and his crew, have provided essential support services to people who are most vulnerable to economic upheaval. These include hot meals for rough sleepers, doorstep friendship for those isolated from friends and family, food and fuel vouchers, and practical help for asylum seekers.

Employment Plus extends these services by helping prepare people for the work environment. Because each person is different, each person’s support programme is tailored to their situation.

A step up, not a hand out

Like the rest of the country, unemployment levels in Cheshire have risen over the past 18 months of the pandemic. Many people have survived thanks only to the furlough scheme. However, the scheme won’t continue indefinitely, especially now that restrictions have been eased. It’s important to build life and employment skills now, so that people can start earning a steady income before financial support is withdrawn.

Commenting on the situation, Major Steven Watson said, “We’ve already been supporting people who have lost their jobs with food parcels and fuel vouchers. Unemployment has a devastating effect on families pushing them into poverty and increasing social exclusion.”

He continued, “The Salvation Army has been expanding its Employment Plus service across the UK and we’re delighted that we can offer this to the community in Crewe as well. Our advisors are friendly and compassionate, offering help with CVs, job searches and interview techniques.” The Employment Plus drop-in service is held every Monday at the church in Prince Albert Street.

For more information email crewe@salvationarmy.org.uk or phone 012 70 500 591.