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Dublin Lifehouse Residents Welcome Covid-19 Vaccines

The Covid-19 vaccination rollout is going well, with every effort being made to reach all sectors of society, including vulnerable groups such as people experiencing homelessness. To aid the process, The Salvation Army is hosting a temporary vaccination clinic in Dublin. By the end of May 2021, the clinic had already vaccinated over 700 people.

One of the happy recipients is Eddie Brennan, a resident of The Salvation Army’s York House Lifehouse in Dublin. The happiness appears infectious, as Eddie said there is a good feeling around the clinic. 

“After the tough year that we had, we really deserve it. The country is opening up and I want to be part of it,” said Eddie. 

York House staff step up

York House has 80 Supported Accommodation units for men over 18 years old. Staff provide professional services to help residents understand and overcome a range of health and mental health problems which may be behind their homelessness. Some of the issues addressed include domestic violence, trauma, addiction, and various forms of mental ill-health.

Lockdown restrictions presented unique challenges for staff, who had to find innovative and unique ways to continue social and support activities. 

Eddie said, “It has been a tough year … The staff at York House really tried hard to engage with people and keep us going during Covid, playing a game with one person, or going for a walk with another. You really appreciate the little things.”

Little things and big, all make an enormous difference to the lives of vulnerable people. Eddie says it best, “I am a resident in York House for the past eight months and this is the closest I have got to a home in the five years that I have been homeless.”