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The Salvation Army
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The Salvation Army Partners with Charities to Feed the Homeless in Wisbech

Through his centre 50 Backpacks, Simon Crowson provided a much-needed roof over the heads of local people experiencing homelessness in Wisbech. That is, until circumstances forced him to close the doors. The local branch of The Salvation Army recognised his efforts and provided a solution to help Crowson continue his good work, albeit in a different guise.
Simon leapt at the opportunity and so the joint initiative, 50/50 Vision, was born. The
initiative ensures that rough sleepers have at least one good meal a day by serving hot
meals from The Salvation Army Church and Community Centre on John Thompson Road.
Six nights a week, 50/50 Vision provides a main meal, dessert, and something to drink to
approximately 30 people per night, which amounts to roughly 200 people per week.

Filling a gap
Commenting on the need for the initiative, Salvation Army Lieutenant Liam Beattie, said,
“We thought they might be able to use the space at our church hall and discussed a
partnership to find a way to continue their work. We felt we needed to meet the needs of our
community. We can also offer long term support by referring clients to our wider network of
homelessness support services.”

People in the local community have also lent their support to the initiative by donating food
and other essential items.

“It’s well received and seems to have been met with a positive local response. It’s truly
overwhelming to see how much support this new venture has received,” said Liam.
As part of the partnership, either Simon, Liam, or corps assistant Adrian Casey are present
each night that meals are served. They work with a team of dedicated volunteers to ensure
as many people are fed as possible.

To date, 50/50 Vision has proven successful, with Liam saying that he’s delighted with the
way things have gone so far.

You can donate to 50/50 Vision by emailing paul.brearley@salvationarmy.org.uk